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Egrets in Our Midst welcomes sponsors, contributors and collectors together with venues in cities needing workable and vibrant attention to revitalize their parks.

The exhibit: There are sixty photographs of the egrets, as the egrets gradually reveal a mystical world while they perform their rituals, ceremonies and tend the environment.

With the show there is a viewing room containing 12th Century music and illumined photographs, transporting the viewer to the inspiring world of the egret.

Wings Over Zebra Water: A Benediction

Wings Over Zebra Water: A Benediction


Where there is funding for the performers, there is a ceremonial egret dance inspired by Japan's celebration of the egret.

The new egret music is for tribal and classical flutes accompanied by taiko drummer and synth player with two exquisite egret dancers and a surprise choreographer, all Bay Area luminaries.

As the egret dance completes and restarts, children and adults are invited to participate, as they are guided by the performers.  A brief fire dance spectacle and a jubilant global song open the doors to the exhibition. The video of the opening night ceremony joins the exhibit for lobby presentation for later audiences.


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