The East Bay Monthly 45 Years Anniversary Party

Celebrating 45 years of artists, writers, editors, publishers and founder Karen Klaber, focusing on a life force of culture and commerce in the East Bay in eloquent and striking art and voices. Terrific people and a terrific anniversary party at the Berkeley Art Center in Live Oak Park, October 24, 2015.

Founder Karen Klaber and Publisher Stephen Buel

Founder Karen Klaber and Publisher Stephen Buel


In an east bay parkland habitat that includes stunning sunsets over SF Bay and coastal mountains, renowned dog parks, a kite festival, a Japanese lantern festival of peace and remembrance and children, birders, bicyclists, runners, frisbee golf, parks for Rx, a celebration of life and why we live here ~ here wildlife rules. When wildlife thrives, we thrive. As the indigenous Bird Dancers chant: "We are the Birds."


May 4, 2015, on a cold windy noon hour over 12 egrets patrol the lagoon next to 8 lanes of freeway on the Pacific Rim. Here in Pond #9 egrets roost, patrol and fish the original tip of the SF Bay, once abundant with wildlife under a sky filled with birds. For thousands of years the egrets return to this node and others on 6 continents. From the inner city they extend the presence and voices of world wildlife.

Egrets in Berkeley 15 at the lagoon, 15 at Au Coquelet and 2 at Anthropology.

The majestic egrets have returned to Berkeley with the New Year. They begin their ceremonies at Aquatic Park. Their photographs, offering viewing stations into their world, are at Au Coquelet. By perhaps chance, two more egrets are represented in a store window at Anthropology where the Ohlone village once stood, a block from the water, where the egrets continue to return to roost.