Photographer Gerry Traucht explores the harmonies of the image. He records moments often with a magical realism.  

Through the egrets and the overall mysticism of birds, he finds new energy and profound respect for the stubborn environmentalists who have fought the battles to ring our planet's waterways with protective parks that offer endless possibilities for everyone and everything. He realizes that it is often the wildlife, the creatures and plants, who are doing the teaching.

His photography series, The Secret Lives of Egrets, brings glimpses of a village of royal egrets, traveling the planet, celebrating their world, as their world enters our cities. The series of images expresses a wish, that the egrets bring wildlife into our struggling hearts and awaken our desire to further expand, explore and care for our sanctuaries of parks as our cities accelerate and transform.      


On a rare and spectacular night, like the opening of an opera, the egret clears the water of other birds and steps into this mirage as it forms from what was, moments before, a simple reflection. 

"From the lagoon, an egret, accompanied by an ibis, approaches the windows of the city. Entering an inexplicable moment, seemingly time in a double ikat of light, they travel the eye of the labyrinth, each from the other side." - from Gerry Traucht's The Secret Lives of Egrets