Magical Berkeley ~ Fourth Street Festival of Light

Magical Berkeley ~ Fourth Street Festival of Light


Magical Berkeley, A Festival of Lights, coinciding with the arrival of royalty-like, majestic, migratory egrets on the remaining original SF Bay shoreline, 2 blocks away.  

This luminous Fourth Street in Berkeley with holiday shops and restaurants was also once shoreline with an Ohlone Native People village and a sky filled with birds, lending greater feeling to the lights.

The photograph was taken in a pouring Christmas rain with the cars gone and the street visually like-music with washes of wind-blown color, touching a deep resonance mixing ancestors, the present and the coming New Year.

An 8x10 inches, archival photograph, custom printed and signed by photographer Gerry Traucht on Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper, ready for matting and framing, is available for $150.

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